Sticker Printing – ever thought about printed stickers for weddings?

I guarantee you have never thought about this before for that special day, but printed stickers for your wedding could be just what you need to make your special day more unique, a nice touch that’ll be remembered by all your family and friends for years after…

First of all what are stickers exactly? In short, they are vinyl adhesive items where you can use these to your greatest advantage, personalising the shape, size, colour, fonts, pretty much anything on a sticker is custom made.

As weddings become even more extravagant, every one trying to outdo one another, it is apparent that’s it getting harder to stand out from the crowd.
And of course, with all the hustle and bustle, people always frantically trying to get everything ready for that big day, it’s easy to lose sight, and miss adding those small but personal touches that make the wedding more unique.

Now I know what you are thinking, how? Well let’s split it up first, you can either have pretty stickers for the whole wedding or a sticker per individual guest.
So where can these printed stickers go. Well not being experts in weddings ourselves we’ve brainstormed some ideas that are really going to get your wedding on track to perfection.

Souls of shoes. You can make your shoes stand out, especially for the bride and groom to have personalised stickers attached to the bottom of the souls, for example the bride can have a comment saying ‘I do’ adding a bit of humour to the occasion.

Party/Wedding favours. An excellent way to ensure everyone reminisces your wedding day is to give them a printed sticker, maybe a message that can add a special little touch. Could read something like ‘I attended Daniel & Martha’s wedding 2012.’

Invitations. Stickers as invitations to weddings are always a must to make sure people turn up and turn up on time. They can stick their sticker in their diary, on the fridge or on the family calendar.

Envelopes. Rather than paying a lot of money to have personalised envelopes, why not pay for printed stickers and use a printed sticker to personalise and seal the envelope for the guest. It will look nicer and make the seal more secure.

For kids. And let’s not forget those kids at the wedding, they do get invited. Having fun stickers for the children will keep them busy for hours on end, can even be used as a bargaining tool to keep them quite on your bid day.

These are just a few random ideas that the boys in the office cooked up. But why not really give your wedding a little think and introduce a cost effective, memorable element to your wedding, adding a little bit of humour and sparkle to your special day.

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