Proofing your printed stickers to avoid sticker printing catastrophes

Letting a printing company print off a huge batch of items before proofing them is a momentous failure on your part. By simply proofing your print goods you can save yourself time, effort, stress and money. But saying that, there doesn’t seem to be much out there in terms of instruction booklets or guides on what to look out for so we thought, after making some notes, post them on here so you, as the customer can make sure you get the very best quality sticker printing.

So, here are some bullet points to help you on your way to getting the best printed products for your money.

So what exactly is proofing?
Well proofing is the means by which either you, the printer or both check the stickers on both the computer screen and as a print thoroughly for any mistakes to make sure they are all error free before printing off the total required amount.
Here’s our notes:

• There are some sticker printing companies out there that when you go through the buying process to purchase the printed stickers, you get the option to waive the proof so you do not have to spend time waiting for it. If the printer offers this option then it will be done by your digital printer of choice. This can be free or chargeable dependent on the company but either way if there is an option we suggest you choose it or you may end up paying a lot more than you bargained for. This goes especially for highly customised stickers as the printer may not have had the experience printing off anything too complex. Always be vigilant and check before letting the printer run off a large batch full.

• If the printer is in charge of proofing your product, they may include recommendations on how to not only improve the quality of layout but also the accuracy of the print. This may change the design or layout but try and take these comments on board, as this could mean a big difference to how good the print looks.

• Other than checking for problems with print, cut offs, layouts and shapes you also need to check for typographical, grammar and spelling errors. Printers don’t tend to edit the text on the printed stickers (i.e. if you sent them the PSD file) so checking for corrections is your responsibility. This can be a huge problem if they are wrong and will more often or not require a complete print re-run.
• Just a note. A lot of printers such as ourselves can just take an image and print it with great quality and accuracy however a lot of printing companies out there will still need you to ensure that bleed lines are present along with the colour set to CMYK in order to print it accurately. Please bear this in mind, it’s always best to confirm the printers requirements before sending anything over.

Really get involved with proofing your printed stickers, it pays to be right so make sure you run your observant eye over the proof before committing to a large batch print off.

We will at some point look write a comprehensive guide to help you guys get the most out of what you are printing. Until then we hope this information helps.

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