Part 2: Christmas Printed Stickers, a personal touch

Part 1 we introduced the concept of including vinyl sticker printing on your Christmas gifts and cards.

We also thought we would brainstorm some ideas outlined below:

Printed Stickers – sticker sets for Christmas 

As we know wrapping paper can be somewhat boring and so restricted in terms of imagery used. So why not brighten yours up with an array of different Christmas custom stickers, from Christmas trees, to Santa’s to presents. Brighten your wrapping paper up with Christmas printed stickers.

Memorable photo sticker sets

Why not collect all the photos together of you and that special someone in the past year, splice them together into an array of sticker sets and then literally decorate everything, from your Christmas cards to the presents themselves. Vinyl sticker printing can certainly add some magic to your Christmas and the intended recipients will be thanking you months after, don’t believe us, why not try and see for yourself.

Don’t have a digital version of the photos?

If you have the photos but not a digital copy, why not have some sparkly border printed stickers to print off and attach to the photos themselves, this way you can still add that special touch.

Write them a message

Glistening and attractive text with a stylish font type printed stickers is a must if you want to communicate that special heart-warming message. If you are looking to win the person of your dreams, or maybe you want to say sorry, then writing your message out on the gift wrapping paper in a true sticker printing style is an excellent way to show you care. 

Christmas Smiley pictures

If you are looking to add a little imagination to your presents why not attach some custom printed smileys to them. Smileys have one purpose only, to display how you are feeling so if you are feeling happy, inspirational, cheeky, loved up then printed stickers to display emotions is ideal to show your emotions powerfully. We can provide these on a one sticker sheet for ease of use, whether you have 1 style of smiley or several, why not add a message, make it a special one this Christmas.

Sparkling angels

Angels are a big part of ye olde Christmas tradition and apart of all the writings of Christmas stories. Whether you stick the angels to the wrapping paper, to Christmas cards, they will make your gifts stand out under the Christmas tree.

It can be argued that Sticker printing can help express your emotions and feelings where as other more general Christmas materials cannot. Remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so get your stickers printed and tell them a story! Whatever you decide, really give it some thought around the ideas and themes for sticker printing. Don’t forget you can even add special effects to your stickers such as embossing to give it that 3D effect.

Every Christmas deserves to be a special, yet unforgettable one. From your one stop sticker shop, have a good Christmas.

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