Part 1: Christmas Printed Stickers, a personal touch

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Christmas from year to year never gets old; everybody loves it, the spirit of giving, ahhh the great pleasure of waking up in the morning seeing a stack of presents with your name on.

However, as we all know, the most pervious to Christmas is children, they love it, and with good reason, all the new toys to play with and then eventually destroy, just the wrapping paper standing between them and their gifts.

Printed Stickers for your gifts

And how do we prepare for this momentous occasion, that’s right we decorate the entire house, decorating with Christmas trees, lighting, foil decorations, ribbons and bows. And with some homes, it’s a difficult task to find even a patch of house left untouched, swamped with all the decorations, inside and out!

But that’s what it’s all about, overdoing it on decorations, booze, presents and chocolate, it’s the time of year to feel special and make others feel the same.

But our blog (a two parter) focuses on how do you reeaalllyyy give your prezzies that genuine charisma, that make people give your present, that knowing nod, you know the one (this present looks gooood).

Well we’ll tell you, (ignoring children for a second and concentrating on us adults) use bespoke customisable stickers on your gift wrapping paper. You can print off individual stickers for holiday wishes, and there are endless printed sticker designs from Santa’s to snow-flakes and if you have a Christmas scrapbook, you know you can put these in. And 3D printed stickers for example can be used to replace your Christmas ribbons, this embossing your gift and making it more unique. So make your prezzie stand out amongst the huge heap of presents under the tree and make the person receiving your gift feel exceptional this Christmas.

And you are not restricted to decorating your presents with vinyl sticker printing, you can also use printed stickers to make your Christmas cards giving it that more bespoke touch, and if you design it well enough, it can be a card that’s kept for generations to come as it will clearly be way too important to throw away.

Our next blog will have some ideas that the team here at Versa-Print have brainstormed. Yep there’s no rest for us at your one stop sticker shop.

Any who, have a great Christmas and we’ll post some ideas to make your Christmas feel special.

From the printing team…

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