Online Sticker Printing for Business, our top 3 advantages

Online sticker printing has become hugely popular, especially in this day in age, particularly company labels and custom sticker printing. A lot of organisations are turning to the internet as a first point of call when researching and choosing the print company that they believe is right for their needs. Versa-Print, recognising this has decided to move with the times, becoming a highly lucrative and efficient business, making the promise that we can deliver in a timely proficient manner and so implementing ecommerce as part of our site.

Anyway, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the top 3 benefits to your organisation from buying your printed stickers over the web.



First of all let’s start with our biggest advantage, and although a little cliché it’s also an important one. That’s right, if you are on the same page as us, we are referring to the benefit that scores top marks, that is convenience. You can sit within the confines of your comfortable office, limiting the need to sit with the printer going over the design, or moving from print company to print company to try and find the best print company out there. You can simply get comfortable and let a search engine like Google do all the work for you, searching for print companies either local or nationally couldn’t be easier.


Then when you’ve found the print company then what? Well if they are anything like us they would have made the process as simple, straightforward and stress free as possible by implementing an ordering platform within their website.



Low cost. Ok, this isn’t exactly completely dedicated to buying printed stickers online but it’s a great advantage. Actually scratch that, if you were to check out print company websites you will notice a lot of discounts and offers that you might not necessarily get when calling the print company or going into the store. But why would I get discounts online? Well print companies do this to entice you in and for them the buying process is all automated so because you are not really taking up their time with the buying process they  can justify squeezing alittle bit of a discount onto your order.


Delivery speed

The final advantage is that if you go to a reputable print company then the delivery turn around can be very fast, our turnaround from date of order is 72 hours. And because you are using the automated buying process you don’t even need to speak to anyone, if you have your design and you know what you want to print then it will only take 5 minutes, then 72 hours to have your goods delivered. The delivery speed really coincides with the speed of the buying process, no waiting on hold, or staying on the phone for half an hour to discuss your requirements, just enter in what you want and click the order button.


Printed Sticker Perfection

You know, we’ve spoken with a few people recently, who seem to be under the apprehension that sticker printing doesn’t need as much care and attention as other different types of marketing. However, Versa-Print is massively in disagreement with this and we whole heartedly believe that sticker printing needs the same effort and concentration as any other marketing techniques, after all, its still money. Not only that its either representing you as a person, your beliefs or more often or not your company so you need to make sure that the printed stickers you are about to purchase communicates the right message about you or your business.

To help you achieve that all around quality image with your company labels and/or printed stickers we have prepared some helpful tips, more like a guide as to what you need to do before sending the printed sticker design off to the print company UK.
• Check the design of your stickers to ensure that it is done in CMYK printing mode. You need to try and avoid using RGB colour to CMYK because a printer uses CMYK colour for its presses or you might find that in print you’ll get something completely different to your original design.

• When sending over the design it can be good practice to send over the original image and font files. You don’t want the printer misinterpreting your original design for example if you send over the original photoshop file (maybe the file is too big to convert to a jpeg for example) and they don’t have that font then it will automatically replace that font with another. There usually is a warning message but do you want to take that risk? Only real exception is if you are using standard fonts.

• Make sure you bump up the resolution to the maximum (300dpi) because this sure helps maintaining the quality of image for your printed stickers.

• Check your work before you send it, especially looking out for any potential grammar or spelling mistakes. The liability of this falls on you, not the printer so making sure this is right is paramount.

• Include bleed lines/dots in your design. Bleed lines help the print company determine where the ink meets the edge. Again the responsibility really falls on you not the printer. The last thing you want is the stickers not being cut right to the edge and leaving empty gaps.

• Make sure you know where the centre of your design is. This keeps the design balanced and lined up.

• The trim area. Just make sure that your text isn’t close to where its cut as this can give your printed stickers a bit of a shoddy amateurish look.

• Check for blotches, marks and alignment when your printed stickers have been printed. With printing it’s all about quality so ensuring your stickers are print perfect is paramount to ensuring you are getting quality for your money.

Knowing that little bit more about sticker printing

Sticker printing is a fascinating area yet there are people who get involved with UK print companies knowing very little about what makes a good printed sticker.

Accepting that stickers have a lot of potential brings you a step closer to making some good decisions about how to make printed stickers even more lively and vibrant.

Stickers diverge in type and use, and are usually categorised based on the material or bonding agent used to create the printed stickers. However in many printing companies the most popular type of sticker printing would be what’s known as a ‘paper label stock’ but despite being so popular nobody really knows what it means. This isn’t really important, what is important is how you can make the most of your sticker printing, getting the printed stickers you actually want.

We’ve compiled a quick list of facts below:

1. Printed stickers are usually made, (well in this day in age anyway) with 2 types of printing methods, offset printing and digital printing. Both printing types are great for giving your stickers that high pigment of colour. We at Versa-Print would personally recommend digital printing just because of the flexibility that digital printing has to offer.

2. There is a common misconception that when people think of the shape of their sticker, they assume that they are restricted to the boring rectangle type shape. The truth is, you can have whatever shape you like, why not go crazy and have an emboss design, give the sticker that extra depth.

3. There are an array of different materials to choose from, choose from latex, foil and of course plastic. Think about where you want your stickers, are they indoors, outdoors, asking questions like these will help determine the best material for your printed stickers.

4. The most common type of printed stickers is paper label stock, and can be made as matte, UV coated, gloss or just as it is, none coated.

5. The strength of the sticker is also important. You can have very strong stickers such as the one on the (car wrap) Bentley we did for a client ‘Sticker It Up!!! 5 ways you can use vinyl sticker printing to promote your company‘. The adhesive on this is extremely strong on a smooth surface. At the other end of the spectrum Sticker bonding agents can be mixed so that the sticker can easily be removed such as childrens stickers for example. You can also have semi-permanent or freeze permanent. A freeze permanent type adhesive is interesting because when the temperature drops to a really cold temperature, the adhesive attaches more to the object it is stuck to and releases when it is warmer. Strong stickers can be removed but you’ll need a trusty solvent to help remove it.

There you have it, some interesting facts about sticker printing, giving you a little food for thought when thinking about sticker printing.

Vinyl Sticker Printing – Corporate chatter

In every industry, in every part of the UK, competition seems fierce and relentless, all fighting to get as much of the market share as possible, often aiming to take away from other companies to get that gain.

Marketing of a product or service plays a dynamic role in getting your product or service not only noticed, but remembered and remembered for all the right reasons. This of course requires a good mix of marketing activities to make sure you are covering the diverse spectrum of your target market. And the best way to go about this is by reaching your target the best way you can in whatever form you can.

This then leads us on to the statement that we are about to make which is ‘one of the best advertising techniques to promote your product or service is printed vinyl solutions, more specifically vinyl stickers and banners.’

There are countless groups and classifications of vinyl banners and printed stickers out there. All different to serve different purposes. So if we concentrate on printed stickers for a second. The vinyl material that is used is a great material and depending on the sticker, is suitable for a glass, wood, steal or plastic surface, pretty much any kind of service a sticker can stick to which makes it a very docile piece of marketing collateral.

But then what about Banners, ideal for printing a hefty message but both types of vinyl marketing pieces are extremely cost affective, cost is something we’ve mentioned before, refer to our blog ‘Using Sticker Printing to your corporate advantage’.

Not only is the cost very low in comparison to other marketing techniques, but vinyl banners and vinyl stickers bought in bulk help the company achieve economies of scale, again an improvement on cost. The vinyl material for which printed stickers and vinyl banners get printed on is perfect to ensure the designs are presented in an inexpensive but effective way.

Vinyl is also extremely resilient and hard wearing which means that it can withstand many environments such as punishing weather, making vinyl water proof and sun proof and is resistant to wear and tear.

However, although very tough it can be easily cut to shape by the print company UK to suit the individual requirements by the client.

So, to sum up not only are vinyl banners and printed stickers extremely mobile, always in the eye line of your potential prospect but the material for which it is used keeps your costs down, is tough and will display your images and design with minimum fading, cut it short, vinyl’s a brilliant material.

Using Sticker Printing to your corporate advantage

Advertising and Promotion is an influential message from the business to the prospect. Marketing professionals and graphic designers cultivate a distinct communication to appeal to their audience in a successful and consistent way. To do this requires various media in order for it to be a successful campaign, more specifically print.

Now to hone in a little more, printed stickers offers an unbelievable opportunity to highlight a company’s competitive advantage. The great thing about custom stickers is that no matter where you are you can never be too far from one, to put it simply they are everywhere. And this flexibility to be in pretty much any place is exactly what a company with an ambitious marketing strategy should include as part of their marketing mix, allowing effective communication with the target market and an excellent return on investment.

Stickers can be used in a plethora of different ways, whether it be for identification of a particular ingredient, cautionary warnings or simply for promotional purposes whether as part of the product you are selling or to promote the product you are selling.

Ofcourse, a vinyl sticker, custom sticker or company label is nothing without the right shape, style of design, imagery or colour so you need to find the right printing company that can do all of these things. Not only does the right print company need to encompass these areas but they also need to be fast and dependable to make sure you can get your printed stickers in time for whatever deadline may arise.
Stepping it back to design for a second, this is necessary for the stickers success, so to get stickers that are going to be worthwhile for your company make sure you have an experienced graphic designer who can solve any complex design issues ensuring that the design completely marries up with the custom sticker itself.
It’s also advantageous if your graphic designer has worked with sticker printing before; just to iron out any printing issues if the problem were to arise. After all, as we mentioned earlier, sticker printing can offer a huge return on investment but also offer many other benefits such as increase brand exposure or simply just a different way to communicate with your target audience. The great thing is that custom stickers can tolerate tough weather conditions still consistently communicating your message.
And really the greatest benefit of all is the fact that printed stickers are at relatively low cost meaning the risk incurred is extremely low in comparison to using digital media i.e. T.V.
So when you are thinking of putting together your marketing strategy to communicate that consistent effective message in order to build your reputation thus increasing your sales margin, think about how sticker printing can help.

Uses for Sticker Printing

Printed Stickers are one of those few adhesives that can actually be used for pretty much any industry of business, anything from pharmaceutical companies to solicitors firms. When people think of printed stickers they automatically see them as a tool to advertise a business, but this isn’t strictly true. We think at Versa-Print, stickers are under-valued but NOT under used. There simply really is no limit to what sticker printing can do. That being said why not check out our other blog ‘Sticker It Up!!! 5 ways you can use vinyl sticker printing to promote your company’ where we showed you some cool and outrageous things you can do with sticker printing.

Any who, here are a select few ideas on where and how you can use printed stickers.

Product Stickers. Stickers are very good for labelling your business products. This helps particularly to communicate your brand presence and corporate identity giving your product the means by which customers can identify your product from the competition.

Bottled Printed Stickers. As stickers are very flexible material they can fit around any shape. These types of stickers tend to be resilient and stand the test of time.

Printed Stickers for security. Securing your product can be a great way to prevent theft of an item that cannot be barcoded i.e. a C.D. for example. It’s also a good way to give that re-assurance to customers when buying your product as they will know it hasn’t been tampered with.

Company labels for important information. You can use printed stickers to provide important information to the end user i.e. a sticker on a parcel telling the delivery driver where it’s going, or how a product needs to be stored, prepared or even consumed.

Warning labels. You can warn, or bring to the attention important warning information to the end user. As stickers can have a bright and deep colour pigment you can really make sure it catches their eye.

Printed Stickers for promotional purposes. A great way to promote a discount without having to change the current labelling. BOGOF’s are a perfect example of this where you want to group certain items together in a clear and consistent way for the customer.

Car printed stickers. Be an individual and stand out. This is also an excellent way to promote your business to potential prospects.

Campaign material. Can use stickers as part of a marketing strategy to influence the buying decision. A good example of this is offering free brightly coloured printed stickers free with a product. Works very well with children, who are of course suckers for stickers!

Business Signage. Vinyl stickers are a great way to attract attention on the street. Placing vinyl stickers on your shop window will promote your business to passers-by, coaxing them into your premises.

So there you have it
A few ideas off the top of our heads for what you can use printed stickers for.

If you happen to be looking for something a little out of the ordinary with your printed stickers then get in touch…we will be more than happy to help!

Answering your questions on Sticker Printing

When you do a little research sticker printing isn’t all that hard to understand. We encounter countless customers who have very similar questions to each other.

So, todays blog is about that, although simple, we thought we’d highlight a few questions we get asked on a regular basis. This blog is for people who haven’t got much experience in the sticker printing industry or who are new to this area. This article is focusing on the most basic and important questions to get you started.

What should the dimensions of the sticker be?
The determined size really counts on what you plan to do with them. If you are printing company labels for your products for example, then the sticker ought to be big enough to cover the display area on the item. If you are not sure of how big the stickers need to be, you should take your item into a reputable print company and get advice on how large the company labels should be. If the stickers are for promotional use, that really need to get that message across then we always say, the bigger, the better because it needs to leave a large enough impression and catch the targets eye.

What would be the best fonts/style of writing to use for my sticker?
Again, the answer to this question is what is it used for? what’s the theme, corporate brand it needs to support? However, ignoring the logo for a second, as the colours will support the brand identity, we always recommend a font that’s a part of the sans serif family that do not have the small projecting features at the end of the letter strokes and is accepted as more of an EU standard. This font has a clean design and works very well especially for the header of the custom stickers.

What makes a worthy sticker image?
Well, we always think about how you should go about captivating your audience. First of all, having a sharp crisp resolution is key to giving the sticker that essence of quality. If you have your own images you need to ensure that the imagery not only has depth of colour to it but also communicates and supports the message you want to say. Make sure you use bright colours and if you have corporate colours make sure these are integrated within the sticker. You want people to recognise you in the instance when they look at your sticker.

What shape should my sticker be?
Well, if you are looking for something that’s straight forward, then the traditional landscape design is always the best for your printed stickers. But if you want to get creative, the shape should represent you, maybe the shape of your corporate logo for example? A reputable UK printing company will be able to cut the stickers to exactly how you want them.

If I’m going to use a sticker printing company UK, where should I look?
Because of how wide reaching the web is, we always recommend going online. Use Google and Google maps, find one in your area or atleast look for a national company that is willing to deliver the goods right to your door!
Sticker printing is a very competitive industry, so take your time when choosing the company that’s right for you, why not try us out (nudge nudge wink wink).

Any who, we may cover this topic in more detail, but until then, from your favourite sticker shop.

Making the most out of canvas prints

The purpose of this blog is to make everybody aware of the big difference you can accomplish with fabric printing. A canvas print, which is very different to a traditional print, gives you a more distinct and sophisticated look whatever the surroundings.
Across the UK, canvas prints are quickly becoming a modern look to kitting out your room with some lovely imagery.

And canvas prints, in comparison to normal framed pictures enables you to have many different options that aren’t possible with the traditional framed picture so you know you aren’t restricted to choice. And because canvas prints are made from fabric, you can literally turn that meaningful photo into a work of art without even having to lift a paintbrush.
And with the flexibility of ordering your canvas print online, you don’t even need to leave your own home to even get it!

And of course by having your canvas print done by a specialised printing company you can ensure maximum quality. As with many printing businesses such as ourselves, we use specialist equipment so we can offer an array of different canvas designs using quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.

But of course stay away from the companies that cannot offer you the flexibility where you can even customise your canvas print yourself. With canvas prints you can have a say on how and in what style a canvas print is whether it be as a solid picture or split up into sections forming the entire image.

For an expert printing company, they can use a variety of different materials to work with, printing a canvas image quickly, accurately and with ease so do not be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. And because we are a digital printing company we can print canvases on many surfaces that other methods of printing just won’t permit.
And let’s not forget the size, you can have small canvas prints or blow up your own image with larger dimensions. So, when you are thinking of that perfect picture to hang up above your fire place, or that commercial motivational picture to hang up in your office, think canvas prints!

So, how do I go about it?
We try wherever we can to make sure the submission and buying of canvas prints is a simple and stress free task. Give us a call and we’ll make sure you’ll receive a quality product with quality service with an even more unbelievable price.
And with a fast turnaround of 72 hours from date of order you’d be hard stretched not to give us a call.

The 5 different methods of printing

Todays blog is going to be about the different methods of printing out there, all created to try and perfect the printing process. So without further ado we’ll jump straight into it. The 5 different techniques for printing various different projects are:

1.    Screen Printing
2.    Flexography Printing
3.    Offset Printing
4.    Letterpress Printing
5.    Digital Printing

So, to explain them all….

Screen Printing is a straightforward printing method. This type of printing technique is popular amongst printing companies for sticker printing due to its simplicity in producing the stickers. Using a woven mesh, supporting an ink-blocking stencil, with the stencil forming open areas with which the ink gets filtered through onto a substrate or layer. The screen (hence the name) is then placed on the stencil with the suitable quantity of ink (known as ultra-violet cured pigmented colors), the ink being forced by the rubber fill blade (or squeegee as it is also known) on to the surface throughout the rubber blade stroke.
Sounds complicated but in hindsight its probably one of the simplest forms of printing out there!

Flexography is widely accepted as the industry standard for commercial labels due to the ease of making custom company labels in large quantities relatively quickly.  Popular as well due to the fact it can be printed on almost any kind of substrate, anything from plastic to paper. The process it follows when printing is very similar to that of a stamp, with the machine rolling over the material to leave the print. This style of printing borrows its name from the way in which it can be flexible printing on difficult, uneven surfaces. This method of printing is used for different types of commercial packaging such as plastic bags and commercial company labels.

Offset printing
Offset printing is a frequently used printing technique but isn’t as simple as the mechanics of screen printing. The image in question that needs to be printed isn’t printed directly onto the material but printed from a plate cylinder to a rubber transfer cylinder before ending up on the printed material. Used in sync with the lithographic process for the offset process allows for sharp, attractive bright colours using the ‘four colour’ process.

Again, used a great deal for many forms of sticker printing for both private and commercial, whether it be company labels or custom printed stickers. This method obtains its results from a raised service (also known as relief printing), which follows the process of actually pressing the letter to create the printed image. This involves locking movable type into the bed of a press, attaching ink to the surface and pressing the paper towards it to make an impression. This was a popular way to distribute information right up until the recent 20th century and is still used for large simple printing jobs.

Digital printing
Digital printing is the newest edition to the printing world, allowing flexibility to print from various different media such as a personal computer or data storage device, reproducing the digital image for print. Digital printing also allows flexibility between individual prints whereas other printing methods do not by using large format/volume laser or ink jet printers that can work well with many substrates, anything from paper to glass. Digital printing also comes with the added benefit that it tends to be no more costly than other traditional printing methods as the printer avoids all the complex steps that are usually needed with printing plates which in turn reduces the need for a larger workforce to manage the printing process. Because of its many benefits, digital printing is popular amongst many businesses for sticker printing, custom stickers, company labels and so on.

Sticker Printing, just a few points

These days, if you were to stop and take a look around you will be able to spot an advertisement within feet of where your standing…

Put it simply advertising and promotion is everywhere!!
Whether it be out on the street, gracing your T.V set while watching that favourite soap, or on the radio in the car, wherever you are, you are not far from a company trying to communicate its message to you. This being said, it’s surprising that advertising even works, a constant mix of bombarding messages to potential customers.

Funny thing is, we’re not here to really talk about that (more of a rant about non related sticker advertising), we’re to talk about something that works…yes our favourite subject, sticker printing, spawned from years of innovation and new sticker printing technology we wanted to mention a few pointers that will help you get what you want.

Sticker printing is an inexpensive and economical way to communicate to potential clients, especially through all that promotional noise. So what you need is a competent, proficient sticker printing UK company that can provide you with excellent quality printed stickers that will work with you rather than for you to get the advertising products you want.
And not only can the right UK print company provide you with a quality, durable sticker batch but also will provide you with the design that is going make anyone who sees your stickers go “ooooooo.” That being said, here’s a few pointers when ordering your printed stickers that will help you get exactly what you want from your print company uk ensuring a seamless process throughout.

Choose the layout you want from your vinyl stickers
The layout you decide will be the UK printer’s guide to producing your printed stickers the way that you want them. From deciding exactly where your company logo goes to the eye-catching headline, getting this right the first time will not only smooth out the printing process but will also ensure your identity whether personal or commercial is communicated in a clear and consistent way.

The Design of your custom stickers
A good sticker printing company will have the resource available to provide you with several printing mock ups before you commit to a large printing order. From various samples, whether it is of past work or a mock up of your design idea and/or printing templates to give you a better visual of the finished product so you can buy your stickers with confidence.

The printing production
There are a number of steps involved in the sticker printing process. Digital printing opposed to other printing methods is the best way in our opinion to print your stickers as it offers flexibility, speed and quality print.

These 3 areas that we have loosely touched on build the foundations to the printing process that will ensure you get exactly what you want, customising your stickers so you can get exactly the size, shape and layout and design that will suit either your personal or business needs.
Saying that, get in touch and see what we can do, from your local sticker shop…until next time!