Improving your SEO and site traffic with Sticker Printing

SEO is fast becoming a need in the marketing world and with the success and popularity of Google, having a good solid web presence is all but important for your business.

And you don’t need a massive budget, spending a fortune on SEO experts to help you increase more traffic; you just need to be cleverer about the way in which you approach the matter.

A lot of people are under the misconception that to increase web traffic, you need to spend lots of money online such as web advertising, makes sense kind of. However your web address can be read anywhere, you don’t need an online banner advert to link to your site but maybe a banner, or even better, a printed sticker!

And I bet you didn’t think that printed stickers can help you with generating more traffic to your website, this in turn helping with your SEO efforts and subsequently climb further up the rankings.

Other than potentially playing a significant role in enhancing your web traffic, they do wonders for communicating your business identity.

Anyway back to the conversation in hand, did you know that £1 in every £10 is spent online, so if you are a brick and mortar business you really need to think about getting your website out there and what better way to communicate your site than on a promotional printed sticker.

Remember higher rankings, can lead to higher sales and higher sales makes higher profits. Why not put your web address on the sticker along with your logo and a catchy one liner heading. And of course printed sticker business cards, as we mentioned in another blog you can put your website on here to! Check out our blog ‘A few ways in which you can use Printed Stickers’ And if you really want to go Guerrilla (not that we are condoning it), stick your stickers on everything, lampposts, cars, on anything you can think of. That’ll certainly get a few click throughs.

There you have it,

So if you want to increase traffic to your site and improve your websites rankings get your website printed on stickers and get them out. People can see them anytime of the day, whether driving to work, walking to the local shop, anytime!! So there’s no excuse not to do it.

Why not get in touch; we’re sure you have great ideas so why not share them with us. Until next time from your favourite printed sticker shop!

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