A few ways in which you can use Printed Stickers

Sticker Printing is an excellent way to express you and your individuality, tailor made to exactly how you want it.

Anyone can go to a shop, buy some general/universal stickers but getting custom printed stickers done to exactly the way you want is the way forward. Any who, here are a few fun ways to utilise printed stickers.

Party favours
Looking for that little added extra for your little ones next birthday party? Or what about making a little sticker booklet for your child and his friends. Children are big advocators of stickers, love em, and if you don’t believe us ask them yourself!
Creating a little sticker booklet, completely customised to them to remind them of that special birthday is a great gift. But it doesn’t have to be your kids birthday, what about that stag do, wedding do, think about it, let your imagination run wild and come up with creative ways to use printed stickers.

Sealing envelopes and parcels
So many companies send a lot of products and mail shots out, but don’t realise that sending out post can be a great way to communicate a variety of different things. Think about it, you have a new product on offer, rather than changing the presentation of your envelope which can be otherwise relatively expensive, put a sticker on it and that will communicate it for u, also reinforces the brand to. It also has the added benefit of ensuring the parcel/letter stays closed throughout transit. Go on; make your personal hallmark with your printed sticker.

Business cards
I know what you’re thinking, business cards? What? Ey? How? Now bear with us on this one, how cool would it be. You would certainly stand out against the crowd, be imaginative, and be creative. And think of the practical uses for the person receiving your printed sticker business card. They can put it in their Filofax, diaries, address books, you get the picture? And if it’s stuck down then how can they lose it!

Using printed stickers is a great, quick and easy way to enhance a page. Todays printed stickers are more varied. Not only will this make the page stands out but it will also make these pages more memorable, why not group multiple stickers together in odd numbers. What about that saying that granddad always used to say, make it into a sticker! Or those photos that you took on your unforgettable getaway turn it into a sticker!!!

Stickers are a popular choice by schools for rewarding children, this is something you can carry on into home life to. They are inexpensive and kids go crazy with them. Why not create the sticker with the child, let them draw the sticker, that would mean a lot to family members and close friends. Arts and crafts is another excellent way to engage your child, they love it, keeps them interested and makes playtime fun.

Think outside the box and use your imagination, these are just a few ideas off the top of your head. We love ideas at Versa-Print why not come and discuss your idea with us!!!


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  1. hi! thanks for vtisiing my blog. i’m not really sure if i’ll be able to collect enough stickers because i’m not much a coffee drinker. i might beg and ask my friends to donate their stickers to me hehe!

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