Print Company services, are reviews required?

There are times where you’ll come across a new product or service from maybe the T.V. or an ad in a magazine and maybe you’ve got a large degree of interest in what the company has to offer you.

And you might dash to get the product/service in mind without doing any real research on the product or the company in question. That being said, if you are searching for a product or service whether for private or commercial use, maybe a print company for your waterproof sticker printing for example, it certainly pays to do your research on various elements of the product or service (you see where we’re going with this) to help you, the customer make a more informed choice.

If we use a print company here for instance, in reading print company reviews you can get some excellent insider info on the company, whether it be all the dirt on the bad deeds or the great quality of print, you can get a greater understanding of the print company and whether or not they will be the print company to put you and your printing needs first.

Reviews on print companies are crucial to determining near first-hand the print company you are about to employ for your printing projects, sharing experiences about the company can help the reader gaining a greater insight into the quality of product and customer service.

print company uk reviews

We’ve put together some guide notes to help you when reviewing various print companies.

1. Why not ask your work colleagues, they all have pasts and have potentially worked with said printing company before, or maybe they’ve worked with a good print company in the past. That work colleague that you generally make small chatter with maybe able to help in your quest for a new printing company.

2. The obvious I think here is to check online as we discussed. Google places is a good place to start, for example if you are searching for printers in Stoke on Trent, not only will it give you all the key information/company info you are looking for but also very cleverly has a review section. As being a listed company on Google places also gives the company more credibility as a brick and mortar business rather than your 17 year old teen, who’s into punk rock printing from their bedroom at their mothers house.

3. Short list the print companies that are up for consideration. You should then rate them yourself on various attributes including price, quality, ways to pay, standard of customer care time of delivery any reviews etc. We’re not saying that you are incapable of doing this but were saying it’s good to have it down on paper to make an easier comparison.

4. We’ve said this before but why don’t you ask for examples of their past work, can they produce a sample of your work say? A reputable print company should not have a problem producing this for you. You can then look at the print quality, paper quality etc, to give you peace of mind that they’re going to offer a print product that’s going to stand the test of time.

5. Why not visit them. A one of print may not cost very much but printing a large batch of a few thousand will. Visit their premises, they’ll be able to explain quite simply how they can fulfil your order and how they are going to go about it.

6. Lots of review sites rate companies on star ratings for example out of 5 stars to give you a clear indication in comparison to competing print organisations, use this to shortlist the companies to begin with.

7. There are plenty of review sites out there, you will find a host of different review sites on various different products and services. Just type in the company name on Google followed by the search term ‘review’ and you’ll find a plethora of review sites at your disposal.

8. Also, a lot of customers post regularly on blogging/networking sites and forums, people coming together collectively to share their opinions, experiences, values and intrinsic worth of said company.
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