2013 New Year, Low cost custom stickers to celebrate with

So here we are, another year, and another new year, and what’s great is that we lived through another apocalypse; yes we are a generation of survivors!!!

But other than surviving year on year, New Year’s brings about motivation and planning, leaving an old year behind and starting a fresh.

And if you are a company who’s planning on making big returns for 2013 then you’re going to need a pragmatic approach to help you spread the word about your company.

This is where we get you to spare a thought about company labels, those custom stickers that not only increase your chances of being noticed, spreading your all-important brand image but also helps reduce the cost, that financial burden of marketing.

We want to remind you that printed stickers are not old school, quite the opposite, printed stickers unlike other types of printed material maintain their vibrance and colour pigment over quite an extensive period of time and more often or not under quite harsh conditions. And with Matt and Gloss options available, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to explore new marketing efforts with our bespoke sticker printing service.

Get your Printed Stickers for New Years!

We at Versa-Print can offer all types of printed stickers and all within your company’s budget for 2013. Whether it be company labels, window stickers, sticker sets, printed stickers for cars, all types of custom stickers so whatever your requirement, we are true to our word and we will help you get noticed in the new year.

Essentially what we’re getting at is that vinyl sticker printing is exactly what your company needs to survive in what is always a very demanding market, achieved by developing stickers using the most up to date techniques in graphic design, water resistance and of course durability, all wrapped together in the bespoke printing service that we provide.

So, even though we’ve talked about ourselves a little bit in this blog ;) we draw this blog to a final conclusion. Vinyl sticker printing should be your number one choice if you are looking to extend your brand identity, explore new avenues in terms of sales growth whilst aiming to reduce your overall marketing heads.

Have a great new-year everybody!

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