2013 New Year, Low cost custom stickers to celebrate with

So here we are, another year, and another new year, and what’s great is that we lived through another apocalypse; yes we are a generation of survivors!!!

But other than surviving year on year, New Year’s brings about motivation and planning, leaving an old year behind and starting a fresh.

And if you are a company who’s planning on making big returns for 2013 then you’re going to need a pragmatic approach to help you spread the word about your company.

This is where we get you to spare a thought about company labels, those custom stickers that not only increase your chances of being noticed, spreading your all-important brand image but also helps reduce the cost, that financial burden of marketing.

We want to remind you that printed stickers are not old school, quite the opposite, printed stickers unlike other types of printed material maintain their vibrance and colour pigment over quite an extensive period of time and more often or not under quite harsh conditions. And with Matt and Gloss options available, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to explore new marketing efforts with our bespoke sticker printing service.

Get your Printed Stickers for New Years!

We at Versa-Print can offer all types of printed stickers and all within your company’s budget for 2013. Whether it be company labels, window stickers, sticker sets, printed stickers for cars, all types of custom stickers so whatever your requirement, we are true to our word and we will help you get noticed in the new year.

Essentially what we’re getting at is that vinyl sticker printing is exactly what your company needs to survive in what is always a very demanding market, achieved by developing stickers using the most up to date techniques in graphic design, water resistance and of course durability, all wrapped together in the bespoke printing service that we provide.

So, even though we’ve talked about ourselves a little bit in this blog ;) we draw this blog to a final conclusion. Vinyl sticker printing should be your number one choice if you are looking to extend your brand identity, explore new avenues in terms of sales growth whilst aiming to reduce your overall marketing heads.

Have a great new-year everybody!

Part 2: Christmas Printed Stickers, a personal touch

Part 1 we introduced the concept of including vinyl sticker printing on your Christmas gifts and cards.

We also thought we would brainstorm some ideas outlined below:

Printed Stickers – sticker sets for Christmas 

As we know wrapping paper can be somewhat boring and so restricted in terms of imagery used. So why not brighten yours up with an array of different Christmas custom stickers, from Christmas trees, to Santa’s to presents. Brighten your wrapping paper up with Christmas printed stickers.

Memorable photo sticker sets

Why not collect all the photos together of you and that special someone in the past year, splice them together into an array of sticker sets and then literally decorate everything, from your Christmas cards to the presents themselves. Vinyl sticker printing can certainly add some magic to your Christmas and the intended recipients will be thanking you months after, don’t believe us, why not try and see for yourself.

Don’t have a digital version of the photos?

If you have the photos but not a digital copy, why not have some sparkly border printed stickers to print off and attach to the photos themselves, this way you can still add that special touch.

Write them a message

Glistening and attractive text with a stylish font type printed stickers is a must if you want to communicate that special heart-warming message. If you are looking to win the person of your dreams, or maybe you want to say sorry, then writing your message out on the gift wrapping paper in a true sticker printing style is an excellent way to show you care. 

Christmas Smiley pictures

If you are looking to add a little imagination to your presents why not attach some custom printed smileys to them. Smileys have one purpose only, to display how you are feeling so if you are feeling happy, inspirational, cheeky, loved up then printed stickers to display emotions is ideal to show your emotions powerfully. We can provide these on a one sticker sheet for ease of use, whether you have 1 style of smiley or several, why not add a message, make it a special one this Christmas.

Sparkling angels

Angels are a big part of ye olde Christmas tradition and apart of all the writings of Christmas stories. Whether you stick the angels to the wrapping paper, to Christmas cards, they will make your gifts stand out under the Christmas tree.

It can be argued that Sticker printing can help express your emotions and feelings where as other more general Christmas materials cannot. Remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so get your stickers printed and tell them a story! Whatever you decide, really give it some thought around the ideas and themes for sticker printing. Don’t forget you can even add special effects to your stickers such as embossing to give it that 3D effect.

Every Christmas deserves to be a special, yet unforgettable one. From your one stop sticker shop, have a good Christmas.

Part 1: Christmas Printed Stickers, a personal touch

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Christmas from year to year never gets old; everybody loves it, the spirit of giving, ahhh the great pleasure of waking up in the morning seeing a stack of presents with your name on.

However, as we all know, the most pervious to Christmas is children, they love it, and with good reason, all the new toys to play with and then eventually destroy, just the wrapping paper standing between them and their gifts.

Printed Stickers for your gifts

And how do we prepare for this momentous occasion, that’s right we decorate the entire house, decorating with Christmas trees, lighting, foil decorations, ribbons and bows. And with some homes, it’s a difficult task to find even a patch of house left untouched, swamped with all the decorations, inside and out!

But that’s what it’s all about, overdoing it on decorations, booze, presents and chocolate, it’s the time of year to feel special and make others feel the same.

But our blog (a two parter) focuses on how do you reeaalllyyy give your prezzies that genuine charisma, that make people give your present, that knowing nod, you know the one (this present looks gooood).

Well we’ll tell you, (ignoring children for a second and concentrating on us adults) use bespoke customisable stickers on your gift wrapping paper. You can print off individual stickers for holiday wishes, and there are endless printed sticker designs from Santa’s to snow-flakes and if you have a Christmas scrapbook, you know you can put these in. And 3D printed stickers for example can be used to replace your Christmas ribbons, this embossing your gift and making it more unique. So make your prezzie stand out amongst the huge heap of presents under the tree and make the person receiving your gift feel exceptional this Christmas.

And you are not restricted to decorating your presents with vinyl sticker printing, you can also use printed stickers to make your Christmas cards giving it that more bespoke touch, and if you design it well enough, it can be a card that’s kept for generations to come as it will clearly be way too important to throw away.

Our next blog will have some ideas that the team here at Versa-Print have brainstormed. Yep there’s no rest for us at your one stop sticker shop.

Any who, have a great Christmas and we’ll post some ideas to make your Christmas feel special.

From the printing team…

Sticker Printing – ever thought about printed stickers for weddings?

I guarantee you have never thought about this before for that special day, but printed stickers for your wedding could be just what you need to make your special day more unique, a nice touch that’ll be remembered by all your family and friends for years after…

First of all what are stickers exactly? In short, they are vinyl adhesive items where you can use these to your greatest advantage, personalising the shape, size, colour, fonts, pretty much anything on a sticker is custom made.

As weddings become even more extravagant, every one trying to outdo one another, it is apparent that’s it getting harder to stand out from the crowd.
And of course, with all the hustle and bustle, people always frantically trying to get everything ready for that big day, it’s easy to lose sight, and miss adding those small but personal touches that make the wedding more unique.

Now I know what you are thinking, how? Well let’s split it up first, you can either have pretty stickers for the whole wedding or a sticker per individual guest.
So where can these printed stickers go. Well not being experts in weddings ourselves we’ve brainstormed some ideas that are really going to get your wedding on track to perfection.

Souls of shoes. You can make your shoes stand out, especially for the bride and groom to have personalised stickers attached to the bottom of the souls, for example the bride can have a comment saying ‘I do’ adding a bit of humour to the occasion.

Party/Wedding favours. An excellent way to ensure everyone reminisces your wedding day is to give them a printed sticker, maybe a message that can add a special little touch. Could read something like ‘I attended Daniel & Martha’s wedding 2012.’

Invitations. Stickers as invitations to weddings are always a must to make sure people turn up and turn up on time. They can stick their sticker in their diary, on the fridge or on the family calendar.

Envelopes. Rather than paying a lot of money to have personalised envelopes, why not pay for printed stickers and use a printed sticker to personalise and seal the envelope for the guest. It will look nicer and make the seal more secure.

For kids. And let’s not forget those kids at the wedding, they do get invited. Having fun stickers for the children will keep them busy for hours on end, can even be used as a bargaining tool to keep them quite on your bid day.

These are just a few random ideas that the boys in the office cooked up. But why not really give your wedding a little think and introduce a cost effective, memorable element to your wedding, adding a little bit of humour and sparkle to your special day.

Proofing your printed stickers to avoid sticker printing catastrophes

Letting a printing company print off a huge batch of items before proofing them is a momentous failure on your part. By simply proofing your print goods you can save yourself time, effort, stress and money. But saying that, there doesn’t seem to be much out there in terms of instruction booklets or guides on what to look out for so we thought, after making some notes, post them on here so you, as the customer can make sure you get the very best quality sticker printing.

So, here are some bullet points to help you on your way to getting the best printed products for your money.

So what exactly is proofing?
Well proofing is the means by which either you, the printer or both check the stickers on both the computer screen and as a print thoroughly for any mistakes to make sure they are all error free before printing off the total required amount.
Here’s our notes:

• There are some sticker printing companies out there that when you go through the buying process to purchase the printed stickers, you get the option to waive the proof so you do not have to spend time waiting for it. If the printer offers this option then it will be done by your digital printer of choice. This can be free or chargeable dependent on the company but either way if there is an option we suggest you choose it or you may end up paying a lot more than you bargained for. This goes especially for highly customised stickers as the printer may not have had the experience printing off anything too complex. Always be vigilant and check before letting the printer run off a large batch full.

• If the printer is in charge of proofing your product, they may include recommendations on how to not only improve the quality of layout but also the accuracy of the print. This may change the design or layout but try and take these comments on board, as this could mean a big difference to how good the print looks.

• Other than checking for problems with print, cut offs, layouts and shapes you also need to check for typographical, grammar and spelling errors. Printers don’t tend to edit the text on the printed stickers (i.e. if you sent them the PSD file) so checking for corrections is your responsibility. This can be a huge problem if they are wrong and will more often or not require a complete print re-run.
• Just a note. A lot of printers such as ourselves can just take an image and print it with great quality and accuracy however a lot of printing companies out there will still need you to ensure that bleed lines are present along with the colour set to CMYK in order to print it accurately. Please bear this in mind, it’s always best to confirm the printers requirements before sending anything over.

Really get involved with proofing your printed stickers, it pays to be right so make sure you run your observant eye over the proof before committing to a large batch print off.

We will at some point look write a comprehensive guide to help you guys get the most out of what you are printing. Until then we hope this information helps.

10 mistakes that are commonly done when sending files to print

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 mistakes that people make when they send items for print.

Fonts missing
This is a big pain for printers, especially since there are so many typographies out there with so many different variations. The digital print company cannot substitute one font for another without it looking different in some way. Always make sure that the fonts used get sent with the item you wish to print.

Trapping, just don’t do it!
For those of you who aren’t up to speed with the term, it is the making of overlaps between adjacent colours to ensure they adjoin exactly on press – must be set to the print method used or what may happen is the traps end up being too thin or too wide which could mean haloes or breaks between the colours printed. The printing software itself cannot determine which ‘traps’ are right and which are wrong which means that the trap lengths can be automatically set by the printer.

Disorganised or Muddled Files
Make sure your files are clean and tidy, having no stray unused images for example can prevent the printer from getting confused, assuming that there maybe something else to print inevitably leading to printing errors. Please, for the sake of the printer remove any unwanted images and colours. This avoids delays in getting your project printed.

Wrong Page size setting
Make sure you have the right page size setting, easily adjustable by scaling up or down in the document. Make sure your document size is the trim size for the printer.

Omitted and/or unlinked graphics
The document you send to the print may show the image there but the file is actually missing. Often done by losing the file location i.e. saved in a folder location different to the one the document is in.

Inadequate bleed lines
Make sure you have the correct bleed lines on the image to be printed; this should be 1/8th of an inch to prevent white lines at the end of the document.

No pre-hard copy for proofing
This will let you and the printer see the document printed before a large batch gets made. Check for discrepancies; look for, image quality, spelling and grammar. Making a mistake here could make it costly to put right.

Colour mark up
In addition, if you can supply the printer with a colour mark up so the printer can see where the colour supposed to break, where it supposed to overprint and where all the knock-outs are meant to go.

Use Preflight software
Some software packages come with preflight software. This will help you collect all the items that make up the total item for print so that you don’t make a careless mistake.

Unmarked Revision
If you need to send any revisions to a printer, send only the files that have changed and update their names. It would be worthwhile identifying each file in the email and the changes made.

Improving your SEO and site traffic with Sticker Printing

SEO is fast becoming a need in the marketing world and with the success and popularity of Google, having a good solid web presence is all but important for your business.

And you don’t need a massive budget, spending a fortune on SEO experts to help you increase more traffic; you just need to be cleverer about the way in which you approach the matter.

A lot of people are under the misconception that to increase web traffic, you need to spend lots of money online such as web advertising, makes sense kind of. However your web address can be read anywhere, you don’t need an online banner advert to link to your site but maybe a banner, or even better, a printed sticker!

And I bet you didn’t think that printed stickers can help you with generating more traffic to your website, this in turn helping with your SEO efforts and subsequently climb further up the rankings.

Other than potentially playing a significant role in enhancing your web traffic, they do wonders for communicating your business identity.

Anyway back to the conversation in hand, did you know that £1 in every £10 is spent online, so if you are a brick and mortar business you really need to think about getting your website out there and what better way to communicate your site than on a promotional printed sticker.

Remember higher rankings, can lead to higher sales and higher sales makes higher profits. Why not put your web address on the sticker along with your logo and a catchy one liner heading. And of course printed sticker business cards, as we mentioned in another blog you can put your website on here to! Check out our blog ‘A few ways in which you can use Printed Stickers’ And if you really want to go Guerrilla (not that we are condoning it), stick your stickers on everything, lampposts, cars, on anything you can think of. That’ll certainly get a few click throughs.

There you have it,

So if you want to increase traffic to your site and improve your websites rankings get your website printed on stickers and get them out. People can see them anytime of the day, whether driving to work, walking to the local shop, anytime!! So there’s no excuse not to do it.

Why not get in touch; we’re sure you have great ideas so why not share them with us. Until next time from your favourite printed sticker shop!

Car Sticker Printing, get yours now

We want to highlight something that we find deeply concerning, something that we feel we need to share with you all.
There simply is not enough printed stickers on cars!


And why not…

Sticker Printing for cars is an excellent way to promote your business, your idea and even your belief, whatever the reason a printed sticker will accommodate.


Actually, that being said, printed stickers for cars are a very distinctive and adaptable piece of marketing kit that can meet the needs of almost any purpose, boosting your corporate identity and the awareness of your brand or even your interest.


Non-profit charitable organisations such as Barnardos or Help the aged, can really benefit from printed stickers, whether you are an existing charity or new and the great thing is, in terms of marketing it’s a very cheap marketing resource. Leave a simple donation number on your car, saves time waiting in the front door of supermarkets asking for donations when people are struggling with their shopping.

And to all the MP’s, Mayors out there, that’s you Borris, printed stickers are great for political campaigns and political rallies. Why not grab yourself a bumper sticker or a full on printed sticker body wrap? And opposing? Protest rallies? Stand up for what you believe in whatever the topic might be.

And do you want an inexpensive way of promoting your business that won’t put a hole in your financial accounting? Promoting your business in this way is very clever, and it’s a wasted opportunity to be stuck in traffic and have a plain painted vehicle with no corporate advertising on it whatsoever, you may offer the product or service that they are looking for, you will never know and neither will them if you don’t promote it!

Maybe you can tie in the printed sticker with what the company is about for example our recent example of speedy solicitors, they elegantly tailored there entire car printed sticker to the business brand, and it looked cool!


Printed Stickers are incomparable due to variety of components including the concept, the content of the sticker, the design and finally the print, hence why they have had such a following from not just the UK crowd but from people all over the world. So speak with a professional (us) and get them on your car.

So get in touch, we want to your hear your ideas, have one mind?

A few ways in which you can use Printed Stickers

Sticker Printing is an excellent way to express you and your individuality, tailor made to exactly how you want it.

Anyone can go to a shop, buy some general/universal stickers but getting custom printed stickers done to exactly the way you want is the way forward. Any who, here are a few fun ways to utilise printed stickers.

Party favours
Looking for that little added extra for your little ones next birthday party? Or what about making a little sticker booklet for your child and his friends. Children are big advocators of stickers, love em, and if you don’t believe us ask them yourself!
Creating a little sticker booklet, completely customised to them to remind them of that special birthday is a great gift. But it doesn’t have to be your kids birthday, what about that stag do, wedding do, think about it, let your imagination run wild and come up with creative ways to use printed stickers.

Sealing envelopes and parcels
So many companies send a lot of products and mail shots out, but don’t realise that sending out post can be a great way to communicate a variety of different things. Think about it, you have a new product on offer, rather than changing the presentation of your envelope which can be otherwise relatively expensive, put a sticker on it and that will communicate it for u, also reinforces the brand to. It also has the added benefit of ensuring the parcel/letter stays closed throughout transit. Go on; make your personal hallmark with your printed sticker.

Business cards
I know what you’re thinking, business cards? What? Ey? How? Now bear with us on this one, how cool would it be. You would certainly stand out against the crowd, be imaginative, and be creative. And think of the practical uses for the person receiving your printed sticker business card. They can put it in their Filofax, diaries, address books, you get the picture? And if it’s stuck down then how can they lose it!

Using printed stickers is a great, quick and easy way to enhance a page. Todays printed stickers are more varied. Not only will this make the page stands out but it will also make these pages more memorable, why not group multiple stickers together in odd numbers. What about that saying that granddad always used to say, make it into a sticker! Or those photos that you took on your unforgettable getaway turn it into a sticker!!!

Stickers are a popular choice by schools for rewarding children, this is something you can carry on into home life to. They are inexpensive and kids go crazy with them. Why not create the sticker with the child, let them draw the sticker, that would mean a lot to family members and close friends. Arts and crafts is another excellent way to engage your child, they love it, keeps them interested and makes playtime fun.

Think outside the box and use your imagination, these are just a few ideas off the top of your head. We love ideas at Versa-Print why not come and discuss your idea with us!!!


Online Sticker Printing for Business, our top 3 advantages

Online sticker printing has become hugely popular, especially in this day in age, particularly company labels and custom sticker printing. A lot of organisations are turning to the internet as a first point of call when researching and choosing the print company that they believe is right for their needs. Versa-Print, recognising this has decided to move with the times, becoming a highly lucrative and efficient business, making the promise that we can deliver in a timely proficient manner and so implementing ecommerce as part of our site.

Anyway, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the top 3 benefits to your organisation from buying your printed stickers over the web.



First of all let’s start with our biggest advantage, and although a little cliché it’s also an important one. That’s right, if you are on the same page as us, we are referring to the benefit that scores top marks, that is convenience. You can sit within the confines of your comfortable office, limiting the need to sit with the printer going over the design, or moving from print company to print company to try and find the best print company out there. You can simply get comfortable and let a search engine like Google do all the work for you, searching for print companies either local or nationally couldn’t be easier.


Then when you’ve found the print company then what? Well if they are anything like us they would have made the process as simple, straightforward and stress free as possible by implementing an ordering platform within their website.



Low cost. Ok, this isn’t exactly completely dedicated to buying printed stickers online but it’s a great advantage. Actually scratch that, if you were to check out print company websites you will notice a lot of discounts and offers that you might not necessarily get when calling the print company or going into the store. But why would I get discounts online? Well print companies do this to entice you in and for them the buying process is all automated so because you are not really taking up their time with the buying process they  can justify squeezing alittle bit of a discount onto your order.


Delivery speed

The final advantage is that if you go to a reputable print company then the delivery turn around can be very fast, our turnaround from date of order is 72 hours. And because you are using the automated buying process you don’t even need to speak to anyone, if you have your design and you know what you want to print then it will only take 5 minutes, then 72 hours to have your goods delivered. The delivery speed really coincides with the speed of the buying process, no waiting on hold, or staying on the phone for half an hour to discuss your requirements, just enter in what you want and click the order button.