Sticker Printing, don’t get caught out!

Choosing a good sticker printing company can be a minefield.

With so many out there (what I like to call noise), deciding which sticker printing company to choose can be, to say the least, a bit daunting and let’s face it a bit of a pain.

They all claim to be offering cheap high quality stickers, and to be honest we’re no different, but how do you separate the NOT SO GREAT sticker printing companies from the GREAT printing companies out there.

Well, that’s a good question and one I’m happy to answer.

First of all, a key indication of a good quality printing firm is how their website reads.

Is the custom sticker printing company promoting the fact that they can OFFER the best printing option for your sticker needs, or is it TELLING you their option is “the best” before understanding what your needs are.

A real clue hear is the sales spiel. A true, reputable printing company will promote the need to get in touch no matter how small the job is to align you with the best options available for your requirements.

A run of the mill company tends to keep everything online and before you know it, you’ve just purchased your order from a 17 year old wannabe entrepreneur using his mother standard issue HP printer (at the extreme).

And what about delivery guarantees?

This often overlooked part in the service could mean the difference between having all the materials ready for that all important business event. So if the company can’t ensure a delivery time or at least a guideline (without offering a valid reason), I would be inclined to tell you to stay well away from that company, because how can you depend on them with something as simple as delivery times.

And of course we haven’t forgotten about quality of the stickers

Which is of course a huge decision making factor when deciding which sticker printing company to choose. I mean what if you made the order, you get them through, open the box and get bit of a shock, the colour doesn’t match and the text is uneven. Or let’s say, everything has been ok at the delivery stage but a few months down the line, the colour starts to fade or the stickers stop sticking properly which can look pretty bad on something like a car or a shop window. To protect you from this it’s always good to find out what kind of guarantee you can get from the company for example all our stickers are printed on a 3 year life vinyl to make sure you get the very most out of your sticker.

But it’s not all about quality;

A reputable printer will be able to print your sticker to any shape or size and won’t be limited to the standard portrait, landscape dimensions without cut-ins. This is where I lead on to my Versa-Print top tip, ask for a sample, try before you buy, any company that engages in this practice is more likely to be a trusted company than a company that does not.

And last but not least, make sure there is an address on their site.

I’ve seen plenty of printing websites that don’t even attempt to put their address details on. Not knowing where the company is could spell trouble so make sure there is a valid address which should hopefully equal an established printing firm.